Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Breeding like rabbits, belated Easter time fun

The girls in my sixth form had a bake sale to raise money for cancer awareness charities on Wednesday (last Wednesday, that is). I love baking and got very overexcited, and there was good reason. I bought myself the cutest way to make any spring cupcakes awesome: wafer bunnies. They're simple sugar paper cutouts and stiff enough to stand up in the tops of iced cupcakes, or on a large cake. I bought them from TKMaxx (best shop EVER) for no more than £5 (I can't remember the exact price) but you could probably get some similar ones in Hobbycraft or a bake store. 

SIDE NOTE: It's all Belle's fault that this wasn't posted earlier (she deals with the picture side of things), but we all still thought it so cute that it should be posted anyway. As for Belle, we will lock her in the chokey for now, although that probably won't help...

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Aria M said...

soo cute!! xx

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