Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bring out your brights


What happened to the weather this week? Seriously, it's England, it's not meant to be sunny... Not that I'm complaining, of course, who doesn't like that little bit of sun? The summer, for me, means that I can also get away with lots of bright colours, without looking like a lost tropical bird in Winter!

Since I was going to the ballet I didn't only have to dress up smartly, but I also had to deal with the London tube and quite a lot of heat that appeared from nowhere! So, not only did I step out boldly in this colourful paint streaked skirt but I wore sheer tights! The great thing I find with patterned skirts with lots of colour is that you can pick one of the colours in that skirt and wear it on top - making this a great investment piece as you can wear it with different tops to change the entire outfit.

I was contemplating wearing heels with this but a) I didn't have any that would match particularly well and b) I was thinking of practicality and walking round Covent Garden which is known for its cobbles is not fun in heels. Jewellery wise, I went quite simple. This was mainly because of my loud colours and the way I was wearing it. Also, my blouse has an embellished collar so any big jewelled necklace would have been overkill. Therefore, out came the gold thin hoops and the pearls my grandparents bought me from China a few years ago.

This is definitely going to be one of my go to outfits for summer and as long as you bring a cardigan to throw on in the evening you'll be perfect for any posh occasion!

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