Friday, 12 April 2013

DIY: Jazz up some old and boring earrings

My mum was getting me to look through a load of old jewellery that was going to be given to charity, and I spotted this very boring black pair of creole earrings. Having received a set of nail art pens for my birthday I decided to carry out an experiment and try to create my own pair of monochrome Aztec earrings. Monochrome is a trend that is EVERYWHERE at the minute and the Aztec trend is one that has been around since last summer, and combining two trends I love can only make a pair of super earrings, correct?

I looked up online different Aztec patterns, just to get the basic feel of it and I just went for it really. I did, at first, think I would go the whole way round with the Aztec details, but when I got to this stage I liked it how it was, and the girls did too. So, I kept it only halfway and I honestly really like them. They will add just the right about of 2013 monochrome trend to any outfit for any occasion. There isn't really much method to mention, it's as simple as having fun, experimenting and getting creative. However, below there are a couple of hint and tricks that you might want to take note of before you get stuck in.

HINTS AND TIPS: If you don't have a white nail art pen, remember that you can use white nail varnish and toothpicks instead! Use the clear nail varnish as a type of 'varnish', to 'seal' in that design of yours!


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