Thursday, 25 April 2013

DIY: Rolled sleeves

Rolled sleeves are great for the summer and they're an easy way to make a simple tee look instantly a little less simple. Fact is they're really easy to do. So instead of forking out the cash, why not try it on an old tee and give it a new lease of life?

  1. Figure out how far up you want sleeves rolled. Use the length of the hemming on the insides of any sleeves to help you. I rolled mine twice, so the hemming was visible and then over again.
  2. Thread your needle. This is the hardest firetrucking thing to do, so if you're new to the sewing game you may want to purchase a thin needle with a large eye. I tend to lick the end of the thread (I know, germs and all, but surprisingly I'm still alive *gasp*) which gets it into a steady point to place it through the eye.
  3. Starting on the inside of the sleeve at the join type thing already in the top (they tend to be under the arm). Start by pushing your needle out, leaving a small thread on the inside, then push your needle back through.
  4. As you go to do your second stitch, stitch over the free end of the thread and this will stop your stitching from unravelling. Continue stitches until the roll feels secure. To tie off, on the inside of your sleeve, push your needle under the stitches, flat against the shirt. Repeat this and before you pull tight, place the needle through the loop, as if you we're tying a knot. 
  5. Repeat this on the other sleeve. If you feel that the rolls are moving, you can also repeat this on the tops of the rolls but remember these stitches will be more obvious, so make them neat!

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Aria M said...

Interesting post! I love rolled up sleeves! xx

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