Friday, 19 April 2013

Dooney & Bourke leather bag for five coins

THE BRAND? Dooney & Bourke (but bought whilst thrift shopping)

You might have noticed recently that when I buy new things I like to pop them in an outfit, rather than just show you a massive haul of items I've bought recently. However, today I have to make an exception. I simply do not have the time to conjure up an outfit for this bag (even though it would be pretty easy), but I had to make sure I shared it with you asap. Isn't it just lovely? Credit has to go to my mother who was like a hawk, and spotted this beauty. It's effortlessly classy, but doesn't just have any old casual design. It's just everything a London lady needs in a bag. Now all I have to do is convince mother dearest to share it... 

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Gen said...

I'm not a fan of white purses but this one is so so cute! (:

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