Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday's music mix #26


MINI SAYS... I heard this on the radio and fell in love. I then fell a second time when I found the video on YouTube and saw her jumper and the old style Mustangs (I'm a car fanatic). I love that it's bright and summery and typical poppy Cali-girl style music and it's just brilliant to brighten up your day and pop a smile on your glum little mug. 

‘SING TOGETHER’- TRAIN            

ZEE SAYS... I sometimes get lost when listening to music. I’m not good at remembering lyrics, artists or song titles and often find myself reverting to safety nets when it comes to music. Train is one of those safety nets - the mix of country and pop just melts m y heart and makes me want to sing and dance all the way round the world. It’s my ‘go to’ music - just as mascara is my ‘go to’ product.


GENIE SAYS... I love this guy, with all my heart. He won American idol, and when I heard that I thought I was gonna hate him, however I was pleasantly surprised. He is a bit like Ben Howard, but more pop-ish. I love his lyrics and this song just makes me smile so much. It really lifts my moods when I'm revising. A brilliant song on my playlist 

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