Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday's music mix #27


MINI SAYS... I played this song on the way to and from the ski resort I've just been to, and it just seemed to fit in perfectly with the stunning landscape. We drove through the Swiss and French mountains and through Annency - a beautiful old style French town. I could just imagine people waltzing and spinning and young children on swings in the summer and wrinkly bronzed old people sitting in a garden of flowers.


BELLE SAYS... Maah, Mini has infected me. Her damn musical has got me youtube-ing all of the 'Footloose' songs. I loved the country numbers, but Mini has already covered 'Footloose', so here's a soppy one for y'all. I love their voices together, it's like butter melting *sobs*. It also ridiculously remind me of 'Looking Through Your Eyes' from 'Quest for Camelot' (so cool referencing a cartoon...) It's really serene, and really quite pretty *continues sobbing*

ZEE SAYS... The minute I heard this song, I knew that it was P!nk, and one of the boys from Fun.. Their individual sounds were just so clear, and so well known to me, that it was just a simple join the dots. I heard this again at a friend's house, and it's just been playing over and over again in my head... it's just so damn catchy.  

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