Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday's music mix #29


MINI SAYS... The weather was relatively good last week in London until we got to Thursday afternoon. That's when the storm started about 20 minutes before I got out of school and it was still going strong at 3:30. There was thunder and lightning and this promoted one of my guy friends and I to dance down the road to the station singing this. We got some funny looks but it was quite impressive when he managed to hit the "OOOOOH! OH, OOOH, OH, OOOOOH!” Considering he hates being in the limelight, I shan't inform him I'm posting his antics on the Internet but as he would agree, this song is best sung in the middle of a thunderstorm with 7 of you crowded under 1 umbrella.


BELLE SAYS... I actually had a McFly bath, except I forgot to turn the settings off repeat, and ending up listening to this for the whole duration, and thank God! I liked pretending that the guy I be liking right now was singing that about me. I know it will never actually happen, but it's fun to dream. If dreaming wasn't enough, it's backed by McFly vocals, which frankly is never a bad thing. Ah, memories of my younger days.

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