Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh deary me... Mini went shopping again

I'm sorry, but I went shopping. Again. I failed my driver's theory (BY 1 MARK!) and momma had a brilliant idea that shopping would save our souls. Plus I needed new jeans (as my current ones have a hole in the ass), and snow boots... And leggings and tees... So basically, everything was a necessity- obviously.

Apparently, these are by far the best jeans ever. I didn't know. I needed jeans and I normally go to New Look as I can find some short ones in there which mean that they actually fit my stumpy legs. Unfortunately, the washes were either pale blue or dark black/blue with nothing between. So I bought myself these instead. And they're so soft and stretchy and, did I mention they're really soft? They don't feel like jeans at all, and I kinda love them for that...

We all know of Topshop's cult 'Geek' tee and I've been slow to jump on the bandwagon. However, I'm a poor student with no money and a jar of about 3p to go towards the summer festival tickets so I opted for the cheaper alternative. Plus, there was an awful lot of selection in colours/cuts/words but I didn't particularly want to be wandering round with 'whale penis' across my front (a 'dork' incase you didn't know) so I opted for 'Nerd' in an attempt to fit in with my uber clever friends.


I'm off skiing (or have been... Haven't the foggies when this is being published) and I needed some simple tops that fit well. It's like shoes, if you fall in love with a pair, you buy them in all the different colours possible. Thankfully I was restricted to 3 because otherwise I'd have a good half of Primark in my room, unneeded. 

Leggings for £3. Bargain. And even if you don't need them now, you know you will at some point. Don't lie. And I've got a lot more comfortable in leggings recently. I've got to the point where modesty is overrated. Yeah, I have an ass? What you gonna do about it? Leave me and my £3 leggings to love each other in peace.

Back to skiing. I needed some. May as well get some jazzy pink ones! And, if it snows next winter, they'll be really cute with skinny jeans tucked into them and a big jumper and a gilet. And they're all lined so they're uber warm and toastie :D Yay! No frostbitten toes for me!

I hate exercise. However, over the show I've lost weight and feel an awful lot better for it and (according to Belle) I look better too (her precise words, "your ass was on point"...). To carry on the LOS girls fundraising venture to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, the lower sixth girls plan to run the Race For Life (a 5k charity run) this summer. So I thought I'd attempt to look half decent and they've even got a hint of pink! 


Krystel said...

I love the nerd tee amazing post and great buys x

AVY said...

When in doubt: go shopping. Always works.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


Vivi Xu said...

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