Saturday, 13 April 2013

I got my high heels on... work it ladies, flirt, flirt, flirt


Looks like Belle went shopping again, or rather, went bargain hunting to be more precise. My friends are getting seriously annoyed at my luck when thrift shopping that they're planning on taking me hostage and bringing me with them when they give it a try. I'm getting concerned...

For once in my life of outfit posts, I felt pushed to wear jeans. That shade of blue and a suede brown bag are hard to sport with other solid colours, so yes, I caved. Although, I'm not really ashamed of it. I love my Topshop jeans, they're so comfy. I'd spent years in cheap Primark ones, and truly think a pair of good jeans is a great invest. Hoping I've got some levi lovers out there. But just to defend myself, I wouldn't change this outfit for the world. I just felt so good in it. If I'm suddenly called up by a charming lad on a date, this is my go-to outfit, I just feel so classy, but I think it does something for my figure. Instead of sitting and lazing around in my usual potato sacks, I've opted for something tailored. One yay for Belle please.

A word of advice for a piece like this? Accessories are key. That's why I chose this outfit to show off my new shoes and bag in. Each piece is a carefully picked detail, and is necessary  Without those earrings, ring and bag I would have a pretty 'blue' outfit- quite literally. As for the shoes *pause* They're just the right colour and style. They're interesting without deterring from the silhouette of the outfit. What more could a girl want? 

Except a couple of richer friends. I need way more events to attend where I can dress like this, without getting remarks asking if I was expecting to go to the theatre *sigh*


Gen said...

Nice outfit! I really like the shoes and ring.

Ish Kolesnik said...

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raleve jesica said...

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