Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review: e.l.f blush in 'Blushing Rose' and 'Mellow Mauve'

I bought these two lovely looking blushers, amongst many other things from 'e.l.f', and I have found them to be really pretty colours for me, so I think they deserve a review.

I bought the colours ‘Blushing Rose’ and ‘Mellow Mauve’. I did do a little research before buying them, as I now tend to do with all my beauty products, and roamed the ‘blog-o-sphere' for a while looking at different swatches and pictures of all the blushes e.l.f. had to offer in their range. I settled on buying these two and love them to pieces (phew). I am super pale (if you forget about Belle) so I feel that sometimes blushers can be a little too brightly coloured for my liking. These blushers are much dimmer and duskier which allows for them to be a light sweep of colour without making you look like a badly made up doll.
Compared next to each other, ‘Blushing Rose’ is a dusky pink which seems to have a bit of an iridescent sheen to it, and ‘Mellow Mauve' is a much deeper pink with a gold sheen in it. The gold aspect of the 'Mellow Mauve' blusher makes it a little more dramatic but means it’s perfect for a night out for us pale gals anyway. The actual formula is also really lovely as the blush stays on all day, and it doesn’t crumble or fall out of the tray, so none is wasted.
Lastly, I would just like to commend the packaging (bit weird, but, bare with), the pot snaps shut, and also has a little clear section which allows you to see the blush colour. The only tiny bug bear is that the containers don’t have the blush name on so I had to chop up the cardboard packaging and stick that on so I would remember the name. However, I love the sleek design and handiness of being able to pop one in my make up bag with not much fuss (or space taken up) at all. Sorry, I'm a girl who is used to having a massive palette of blushers, so excuse my love of the packaging!


Coco said...

Those are gorgeous. I hadn't seen those elf shades yet x

Trina said...

ELF blushes are so great. I don't actually remember the name of the one I use almost everyday, but I'm pale and love it for everyday, too! If I have a different one, I'll report back and share it with you :)

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