Saturday, 6 April 2013

Summer to winter: The maxi skirt

Shit happened, so I went shopping. Momma forced this skirt upon me when we were in Zara, so it's not my fault. But I do love it, and it's a great investment piece as it can be worn all year round when layered with different colours and textures. I've stuck to a slightly more formal event brief (think girly dinner, or something of the like) and styled a summer and winter outfit to give you a few ideas.

Really light materials on top of one another can look really sweet for a summer look. Mix up your colour palette and see if you can do some different layers. I've got the skirt and then a peach/nude top with a chiffon overlay which has laser-cut flower detail to add a little subtle hint to something less floaty and airy-fairy. I kept shoes nude to keep the colour of the top running through but you could just as easily pair with stacked wooded heels or, one of this summers major trends, raffia wedges.

We all tend to resort to black and other dark colours in the winter so this skirt gives a pop of colour to lift the outfit. Layer up thin dark layers on top, black vests, grey cardigans and a black leather jacket all add texture and leather toughens up the maxi (the juxtaposition of materials Belle is constantly banging on about). Black wool tights underneath (because there's not point in dressing nicely if you're going to catch pneumonia) and then high heeled leather or suede boots (or both if you're me and can't decide in the shop). Bung on some bling and you're ready to roll.

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raleve jesica said...

I have no idea what clothes to purchase but these caught my eye. Still, I am looking for some cool leather jackets, someone recommends me, not check it out yet.

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