Thursday, 2 May 2013

All the Little Lights- Passenger

This is the first time I've ever downloaded a complete album, and I have to say it's amazing.  Passenger is an artist that I stumbled across when on YouTube rather than studying. He is a brilliant artist and I have completely fallen in love with his music, especially this album.

I love this song so much. Words can not describe that love. It is just amazing in my eyes, well, I should really say ears. It was my music mix song for this week so I will try not to repeat what I have said. For me it was the lyrics that I love. The wittiness and thought that was put into them is just a work of a genius for me. One thing that I also love is the fact that it is the only live track on the album, so you can hear everyone singing and laughing to the song- it really brings it to life. 

This was really hard for me to choose because I really do love every song really on this album so it's not really the song I hate, more like the song I like the least. It is a good lullaby song but there is just something that I doesn't get me excited like the other songs on this album do. There is no real movement to the song musically wise as it is all on the very same tone. The lyrics are beautiful and so touching but I don't think they match the melody and the whole competition as well as they could. It is still a great song, just not as good as the others in this album. 

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