Thursday, 9 May 2013

April favourites


I just love them soo much right now. Firstly, I've got to love a good signet ring on a guy, I don't know why they just look so good. It shows a guy has personal style (even if it is paired with a Hollister themed wardrobe). I've recently started wearing my own one to school, because most importantly, signet rings mean something. I was given this ring by a late friend of my mother's and to me it just embodies everything I need to live by, it's a promise to myself to try and be, well, me, because it reminds me of everything and everyone we have all lost. Then again, my love of signet rings have been a little impaired by the majority of boys at my school thinking I'd become a Jonas Brother, and got myself a chastity ring. No boys, that's not what this is for.


I never thought I'd see the day when I chose a subject to be my 'favourite thing of the month'. I have just sat, well performed, my drama exams - a hour long play 'Pornography' by Simon Stephens (with the rest of my class). As well as a two minute monologue - both went spectacularly well (thank you)- and I only believe I got through both of them, and still came out smiling, because of the 7 people I am now ridiculously close to and love dearly - platonic love of course! It's funny what a ton of food, a lot of laughs and a few tears can develop into. Doing drama was just a last minute, split second decision I made and for it to develop into anything has been a chance I am thankful for everyday. And so as to not sound too soppy, I'm saying bring on A2 Drama next year my lovelies! 


I was outside of London for the majority of April, first on a ski trip and then on a Biology Field Studies trip in Wales. And maaaan, I LUUUURVED Wales. Sure, it rained (that was expected) and there were sheep (also expected) but some quite entertaining things happened too: Someone (no names here...) got drunk and fell in a pond, we went sand-dune jumping, got sun burnt and washed away by rain. We saw sheep, we got crabs (that's actual crabs out of rock pools, not diseases...), my friend sat in a rock pool after splitting her waterproof trousers open and I have a photo of the most sadistic person on this earth smiling. A good April all round then...

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