Thursday, 30 May 2013

English Rain- Gabrielle Aplin

So after the build up and, 'The Power of Love' and the video for 'Panic Chord' being filmed in my friend's kitchen, I guess I kinda felt obliged to buy the disc. After Christmas and the John Lewis ad, everyone was insistent she was to be the NEXT BIG THING. Everyone had been looking the other way and I had already downloaded some of her music free off iTunes. However, I wasn't the one paying for the CD (it is my mother's) and therefore I have no problems with the ownership if it.

There are 2 songs that stick in my head and I've been alternating between the two. The first, 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' (track 3) really touched my heart. It reminded me of many of us, probably us girls included, who are just too afraid that the word 'love' means slightly too much and we can't say it, so we skirt around it in conversations instead. The second, 'Salvation' (track 6) I love as it showcases her range as a singer and I love the descending trill type thing going on in the chorus.

Not a song per say... But I do have problems with this album. The fact that the songs do all sound really rather similar for one. Guitar, check. Choir, check. Haunting soloist, check. There's nothing particularly exciting about any of these songs. And yeah, fine, it's easy listening. But I was hoping for a little bit more after she's been branded, "THE NEXT BIG THING" due to 'The Power of Love' (track 8 on this album). 

I'm not certain whether I like the album art, but I do appreciate it. There are words for all songs, admittedly in teeny tiny font so half blind people like myself struggle to read it but the effort was made, pictures which seem to all be blurred photos of Aplin herself, playing guitar or lounging about the recording studio. It is very 'first album'. One thing I do like, is the CD itself. It's in an umbrella print and looks awesome. 

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Lauren Cope said...

Thanks so much for the follow, just followed your lovely blog back. I agree about this album, I really loved it, but there were only a few stand out songs for me xxx

Lauren J.

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