Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday's music mix #33


MINI SAYS... I'm currently studying The Great Gatsby in English Lit, and my teacher agreed that we could go and see the film as 'research'. So I did some looking into it and found the soundtrack. It's chock-a-block with big names but the one that made my heart beat faster was Lana. I love her music; it's the same style I like to sing myself and her old style, movie looks and voice fit perfectly with the film. And the song is beautiful, incorporating an orchestra into a piece which would sound just as good a-capella. It's stunning, and I need to find me a backing track.


BELLE SAYS... I went on a good old stalking spree of people from my previous school on soundcloud and youtube, and just stumbled upon this in the process. I was astounded. You stumble across people with interesting voices covering well-known songs and sometimes you're impressed, but this went a little bit beyond that. Her voice doesn't shudder, and her songs have been a regular occurrence for my thinking time. The fact they're originals really quite overwhelms me.

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