Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday's music mix #34


MINI SAYS... I know this doesn't seem right to put up here but it's INSANE, I swear. I had Patronal service this week which is the biggest festival in our school calendar and celebrates our Patron. Being in the school choir I was performing throughout the mass, and this piece was the bane of my life until 8am the morning of said mass. And then, with all the choirs, an orchestra, organ and in the big church, something happened and OMG this sounded awesome... Yeah, it's in Latin. No, I can't understand it. But what does it matter when it sounds that extraordinary.

BELLE SAYS... So I spent most of the last week pretending to be Nicki Minaj, which sure is going to reflect in my results. Here's to hoping Nicki is secretly Einstein then... Minaj isn't really found stored up in my iPod. I just find her fun absolute fun, and certainly tracks I can't help but get up and dance to without fail. I want to be Nicki and Roman, man. Well, for now I do.


ZEE SAYS... ‘She can’t sing, she can’t dance’ but who cares? She walks like Rihanna’ I sort of mildly fell in love with this tune when I first heard it. I feel that this is just relevant to me as I know so many people who are like the girl in this song. No one cares what they do because they are pretty... makes society sound awful but it’s life. Ok, rant over, go check it out. It may not be the best song The Wanted boys have released but it’s catchy and you’ll find yourself humming it after only hearing it once, I promise you.

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