Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My 3 holy grail items: Spring survivors

The sun has finally poked its head out from behind a cloud and left all us pasty people running for the fake-tan. However, spring can mean drastic changes to your wardrobe, beauty regime and outlook (on everything. In winter, evenings were meh but in spring, evenings are glowing. And that ain't just the street lights). To help us survive the step not spring, I've picked out 3 items which have saved my ass more times than I can think of at this time of year.


I'm lucky and don't suffer with hay fever, however, spring seems to be the time when it's not just the people getting happy but the bugs too. Everyone has a cold at some point during spring. My colds unfortunately clog up my sinuses, giving me terrible headaches, which is where this comes in. You breathe it in and it magically unblocks your nose and your sinuses. It's useful as you can put a few drops in your bath or shower and it steams up and un clogs you, or you can inhale it straight off.


It's spring, it's hot, you will get your legs out. My major problem is that I'm the clumsiest person on the planet and am constantly covered in bruises. This is awesome as it helps my bruises to heal faster meaning my legs can look half decent (if not a tad pale) rather than an odd breed of mottled Dalmatian. 


Spring means less makeup and that means an inability to hide all my skin imperfections underneath my foundation. This stuff is brilliant. It's a spot on gel but it's insanely concentrated so you only need a little to kill off that threatening blemish. It has worked wonders for my skin over the past 2 weeks.

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