Thursday, 16 May 2013

New shoes: Carvela Kurt Geiger Bert shoes (and a guide to picking out versatile school/work shoes)

Mummy was naughty and bought me another pair of shoes. Well, they're actually my new pair of school shoes (to replace my previous ones which I kept on falling down stairs in), but she's just gone and unintentionally added to my Kurt Geiger shoes collection. Those shoes and I just really can't stay away from each other. My mum bought them from the TKMaxx website however (link here) which sells them just slightly cheaper. However, these shoes do come out slightly slim, so I'm not entirely sure whether that's the reason a batch of them are being sold at TKMaxx, so if you find you have a problem there you can also buy them straight from Kurt Geiger (link here), or use their handy stock list tool to find out if they have these shoes somewhere near you. 

It got me thinking though, about the use of school shoes. Most of the lads in my school only wear two pairs of shoes, so they obviously have this nailed, but us girls are just a tiny bit more picky. With my parents' slow withdrawal on spending on me, I've realised you have to pick your school/work shoes carefully so that you could potentially wear them elsewhere. 

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that when I make these set of rules I do it with my school rule in mind: black shoes only. If you're school is a bit more snazzy then of course, yours is a whole different ball park. But here we go anyway:
  • If you're a shoe destroyer (aka you scuff them so they don't last longer than a couple of months) then you have the liberty of going for shoes which are on trend, because you know that you will be able to totally ruin them before the trend surfaces out of shops.
  • If your shoes last you a lifetime remember to keep them classic (especially if you're not one to replace things when they don't need to be). Whilst those studded grandad slippers might have been in when you bought them, you might just look and feel a little bit silly six months down the line.
  • Classic is always good no matter whether you destroy shoes or not, because they're so versatile. A classic pair of ballerina pumps are one of the most versatile things you can own.
  • Equate comfort with good taste, because of course having a hideous pair of shoes is dreadful, but your school/work shoes need to stay on your feet. You can deal with a pair of uncomfy but pretty heels for one evening, but having a pair of shoes which gives you blisters, and encourages you to fall over (like mine did) are going to be more hell than heaven.
  • If they look like what you wore when you were five, say no. Most of my friends agree that they feel allergic to Clarks, because it reminds them of all the school shoe shopping trips they ventured on with their mothers. Don't know what that was because your mother was a sassy lady with style? Just think velrco, and steer well clear. 
Are there any rules you guys have when buying work shoes? Do drop a comment, I would love to know.

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