Saturday, 25 May 2013

There's an outfit or two, just for you

The oh so casual dress code for my college means that if you do dress up even remotely smartly you get asked a lot of questions, but also a lot of compliments – which is lovely.  Since finishing my Drama AS Level last week I no longer have to ‘dress for drama’ and therefore can dress up a bit. In addition to my change in outfit choices, the weather has been lovely *happy dances* and therefore I launched myself into ‘summer mode’.

DAY 1:
Definitely getting my inspiration from the Monochrome trend here, aren’t I? I didn’t particularly want to wear this today but, I am going on a tour to Venice with my college choir in June and we needed to take a choir photo during lunch. Having said that I love this skirt so much, bought from New Look at the end of winter I have worn it so much. It goes with anything and any colour and looks great with a bright neon belt. These shoes are also ‘mock Toms’ and they are so comfy they will definitely be one of my go to summer footwear items (I have them in 3 colours).

DAY 2:
TOP: PRIMARK, SKIRT: PRIMARK, BELT (PACK OF 3): MATALAN & SHOES: NEW LOOKI don’t know what it is about these clashing patterns and colours that just appeals to me, but it just does. This skirt comes to just above my knee and is a lovely float-y material that makes it perfect for summer. I forgot to put any jewellery on but I think I wouldn’t have needed any as my clothing items are statement enough! The shoes are again mock Toms from New Look and I bought these for £3 in the sale, talk about a bargain! 

DAY 3:
TOP: PRIMARK, SHORTS: NEW LOOK, NECKLACE: PRIMARK & SHOES: NEW LOOKHaving worn skirts for the last two days in a row I decided to go for these culotte shorts from New Look. I love them because they are high-waisted and aren’t too short when on. Again I went for the ‘clashing print’ trend and again it just really appeals to me, I think it’s to do with me not really liking boring and plain clothes. The whole outfit, including the shoes, is a bit dark so the bright , almost neon, orange from my necklace gives me that pop of colour and with a bit of eyeliner I was ready to face anything. 

DAY 4:
TOP: SCRIPT CONCERT MERCHANDISE, SHORTS: PRIMARK, NECKLACE: ACCESSORIZE & SHOES: OFFICEI don’t really need any excuse to whip out my Script t-shirt and wear it so after finding these shorts in the bottom of my drawer (and finding that they had gone from being too small to too big *happy dances*) I shoved them on with a belt and pulled my Script tee over the top of them to hide the fact they didn’t fit very well. The shoes are something I want to draw your attention to. Not only are they a new pair of converse my Mummy so very, kindly bought for me as a drama congratulations gift, but, I’ve had so many compliments about my new jazzy converses that I am so happy I went for a patterned pair and not a plain pair – so much more exciting.


Vicki Skitt said...

Love these outfits, specially the first! Xx

lifeasart said...

These outfits are so cute!

Anna. said...

Love these outfits so much! Especially the 3rd one! :)

Anna xx

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