Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Zee's spring beauty must-haves

So after having some pretty gorgeous weather last week in London, I think we can definitely say that ‘Spring has sprung’ and summer is fast approaching. *Happy dances all round*, however, not only does the spring cause mischief with weather, but, also with my sinuses. I am one of those people who suffers from hay fever, therefore, I have been reaching more and more for some cult beauty products of mine that make me feel 100% on the outside when I might not be feeling so 100% on the inside. You've had Mini's, this is my time.


This stuff is the stuff of legends. Not only does it keep my make up from moving throughout the day but, it also keeps my face from going red and shiny, which is never a good look in my opinion. I have the colour ‘001 Transparent’ meaning it goes over everything, even blush, and keeps it in place for the whole day. I don’t have much else to say about this product, other than it really does what it says on the tin and as a ‘hyped up’ product around the blogosphere I believe it deserves all that hype.


I have really pale eyelashes, it comes with having blonde hair, and I used to use brown mascara a lot… not anymore. I feel the black mascara just wakes up my eyes that little bit more and also contrasts with the blue/grey of my eyes. Also I’ve found that if I put mascara on I don’t rub my eyes as much (I think it’s a subconscious warning to myself that if I do I’ll end up with massive panda eyes) which is good as it means I don’t get dirt or bits and pieces in my eyes which could irritate them and make them hurt more due to the hayfever.


Being a rather pale gal I must admit I don’t particularly like nude/pale combination lips - due to them just blending into the rest of my skin – but, as I have been wanting to wear blush a lot more recently I think a pale lip just keeps my make up minimal and allows me to wear it everywhere and in every situation. I love natural collection lipsticks – they last a long time, have really brilliant colours and are so cheap as well (£3 I think.) Not only does this ‘Sorbet’ colour add a touch of colour to my lips but it adds a bit of sparkle too. I nearly always put a gloss over lipstick just because it makes it last longer. If you have never tried the Soap & Glory lip-glosses before I urge you to do so, as the formula, colours and scents are so lovely, and, I just believe every girl needs one in their collection.


melly-go-round said...

I love the stay matte powder, after trying other powders, i have always gone back to it time after time :) Also great for light but blemish hiding coverage during hot weather :)
These all sound very tempting x

Trina said...

Could not agree more with that Stay Matte powder. It is oh so wonderful. I've never tried Soap and Glory glosses, but you're selling them to me pretty effectively here.

Aimée said...

I have to concur with yourself and the other commenters - the stay matte powder really is amazing! I just wish I'd found it sooner!

Aimée Xx

Rhiannon Wheeler said...

I recently purchased this Rimmel stay matte powder and I have fallen in love with it :)

LittleBoxOfTreasures said...

A good post, i also unfortunately suffer from hayfeaver, Its good to make yourself feel good on the outside. I love the thick and fast mascara so easy to use and quickly get great thick eyelashes


Seepz said...

I am eyeing the Sorbet lipstick! Never tried the Stay Matte powder but after your review, I might give it a try.

~ Seepz
That Sassy Girl
That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

Aria M said...

I have the same pressed powder, I'm in love with it! xx

MuShii said...

The lipstick colour is really pretty !

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