Friday, 14 June 2013

Carnaby street craves

Carnaby Street is (in my personal opinion) one of the fashion hotspots in London, which incredibly so many people don't know about. Honestly, ask most of my friends and they would have no idea what Carnaby Street is known for, and I'm not just talking about the guys. It's an absolute haven for finding individual pieces, which in some cases you quite literally won't find anywhere else. When it comes to finding stuff for the parties I care about I'm down here as soon as I know they're on. You're certain to find things which impress. Here are the shops you shouldn't miss if you ever happen (and you really should happen) to pop by.

I must give credit where credit is due, and I'm pretty certain, but not entirely certain, that Daniela from 'Couture and Crumpets' introduced me to this shop. I'm pretty certain she mentioned it on her blog, but again, not entirely certain. I love the shop, it has some really lovely pieces for good prices. For me, they also have 'wearable' pieces by my standards, as I just can't get my head around the pieces in other high street shops. Monki pays attention to trends without throwing me into the deep end. Don't get me wrong though, it has some really, really unique stuff, and a very cute mascot.
Where can I find one? Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, there is only the one, on the lovely Carnaby Street in question. There are also stores in China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. 

I actually adore the dresses in this store, and always get sad that I have far too many dresses to buy some more straight from here. However, last time I went I did get to nab a monochrome, peter pan collar dress which I wore to a certain Miss Zee's party. If I have to commend this shop for another thing it would have to be for some particularly nice jewellery. You can find a lot of gorgeous heavy, metal pieces, which are sure to catch an eye or two. It's worth finding it, because as I am about to tell you it is very easy to miss, so keep your eyes open!
Where can I find one? They only have two stores, and only in London town. There is one on our beloved Carnaby Street (in Kingly Court, which is found in a little sidestreet, so beware, you could easily miss it) and the other in the Whiteleys Centre.

Through some digging I've discovered that this shop isn't individual to Carnaby, but it's certainly one to look forward to if you're there. It has a very casual yet retro yet boho feel to almost all of its pieces. I fell in love with the dress in the window, which is the one featured above, but with a tag of £95 my purse was feeling a little too light for this kind of spending budget. If you have never been into this shop, I must make it incredibly clear that us ladies must not be put off by the prevalent pieces of male clothing on the entrance floor, just know that our realm lies downstairs! So go, go, go. 
Where can I find one? I'm obviously oblivious to good shops, as there appears to be loads all over our earth- far, far, far too many to list.

Oh my, Dahlia, where does one begin? It's a beautiful, quaint and yet incredibly unique little store. It's quite literally and embodiment of all of the bloggers I love, and I really do mean that literally. They had the lovely 'Briar Rose' on one of their indoor posters, spotted first by a very excited Mini. It has some really breath taking pieces which are well worth the money I assure you. Take for example the denim pinafore feature above. Where else do you find a denim pinafore with a scallop edge? That's Dahlia for you. Unique and clever to the core.
Where can I find one? Only the one boutique, on the beloved Carnaby Street.

You might have seen some of their 'unique' shoes scattered in an Office store, except describing them as unique doesn't quite cut it. This little shop has some very big shoes. I wouldn't say all of the shoes would be clever buys, but they would certainly be braves ones. However, if shoes really are your best friends and you do want to draw attention to your feet then look no further, you certainly won't be complaining about a lack of choice. All craziness aside, there are some really lovely pieces, but a girl like me really doesn't the budget to buy a pair, especially as I destroy shoes so quickly.
Where can I find one? Brighton, Leicester, London and Manchester. However, there are also stores in USA, China and Israel.

I know this isn't fashion related, but I just had to inform you, as I'm sure this might be the shop which convinces you to go to Carnaby Street. If you haven't heard of Johnny Cupcakes, I can tell you're probably not a lover of youtubers- they rave about them all the time. As for those of you who have, and take a youtuber's name by law, you will be happy to know you can indulge in one of your love's loves on Carnaby Street! *YAAAY*
Where can I find one? In the USA there are several scattered on the east and west coast. However, in the United Kingdom, there is only the one, and thus to Carnaby Street we go.


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