Wednesday, 5 June 2013

DIY: Jean shorts

I haven’t been able to find a pair of jean shorts that have fitted for so long that I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Wandering into charity shops you can find jeans for a diver. ‘Ridiculous’ I hear you say. Well, no, because I found some and have now cut them so they make shorts. Look at me being all crafty and fabulous.

  • Equipment to cut with... like scissors
  • Old jeans (search thrift or charity shops)
  • Tweasers, fork or fingers for fraying purposes
  • Studs, lace or anything else you want to add to your shorts to make them look fab

  1. Put your jeans on and work out where you want to cut them. I cut them longer than I wanted at first and then cut off more- wise choice, I assure you.
  2. Once you have cut them to your desired length you can jazz them up whatever way you like.
  3. To fray the edges of my shorts I pulled the cut edge to create a frayed edge, you can use tweezers, but I found that a fork also worked. Just push it through the fabric and pull down to loosen the threads to fray them.
  4. Add whatever you like to your shorts to make them even better. Studs, fringing, ribbons or lace – you could even die then or paint them with fabric paint.
Now you are ready to wear them wherever you want, so do have a go. Remember to use old jeans and cheap second hand jeans from charity shops, the whole point is you don't have to buy the really quite expensive shorts in the shops! Be a rebel, get creative.


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Great post! Those shorts are super cute xx

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Sabina Abdul said...

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