Friday, 7 June 2013

Dreary London day adventures: a trip to The Breakfast Club in Soho (plus a cheeky review)


Waltzing on down to Soho really isn't fun when rain comes drizzling out of the heavens. Being a London-bred you certainly develop some coping mechanisms, but this by no means stops you from complaining. I hate when it's not warm enough for chiffon and also not cold enough for knits- that was today. So I opted for my little black dress. What else is a girl to do in such an occasion? Genie told me I was very dressed up and I knew it had done the trick. Whenever Genie makes that comment, it's usually because she wishes she had played the dressed up card too. One point for Belle.

We headed on down to 'The Breakfast Club', minus an revision-bound Mini, with high hopes. What we found was a little, bright, yellow cafe type place, with a paradoxically long queue to match. We waited nonetheless, and it was well worth it.

Directed in by what looked like a better behaved Russell Brand character to a cosy table at the back, it was safe to say the place was already looking promising. It was adorned with clutter: Elvis posters, vintage shoes and a toy moose head. The more worn down a table was, the more charm it gave the place. We only had issues with the menu because wanted it all. Never had a calorie fuelled fry up had such immense appeal (well, that's not entirely true, but shh). After already turning down the waitress, we finally made an order. Don't worry, we're obviously going to share what we noshed on!

BELLE: Eggs royale with home-style fried potatoes + 'Green is Good' smoothie
ZEE: Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with avocado + 'Blue Monday' smoothie
GENIE: 'The All American' pancakes + 'Cadburys Caramel' shake

Everything was positively delightful, and my eggs actually put me in ruddy good spirits. The only issue I had was with my smoothie. I tried Zee's and hers was delightful, but mine was far too minty for me, and I ended up having to down it and then follow it up with some shots of water. Believe me, from the expression on my face I might as well have been downing tequila. Let's just say that the 'Green is Good' smoothie was not particularly good for me. I'm not going to be so adventurous from now on... Despite this one issue (which seems quite major as I still have the taste of that smoothie in my mouth) I have plenty of commendations for this place. It's a little piece of heaven with really tasty food, despite having really simple dishes. Lush lush lush. I can't wait to go again. I'll just make sure to order water next time.

I really do apologize that I don't know where half of my outfit comes from, but it's a mix of my mother's wardrobe, birthday buys and charity shops finds. Oh, by the way charity/thrift buys will now be indicated by a T/C just to be super helpful, and differentiate from items where I just plain, straight up don't know where they're from. Oh, and just a note for chickies bothered to read this far, I do wholly appreciate I look like a snorting mess in the second picture, but I like happy pictures, and so should you. 


Riana said...

The dress is gorgeous :) And don't worry, I don't know where half of my clothes are from, to be honest.

Bec Sharpe said...

love your bag! and the all american pancakes and cadburys caramel shake sounds absolutely heavenly! it all looks gorgeous mmm!

bec X

Sangey said...

wow this blog is so nice! I am your new follower. :)

greetings from Slovakia :)

Irena D world said...

Hey I absolutely love your stye !
I'm a fashion blogger as well I post about music and fashion
Would be fun if we can follow each other ?
Please let me know

The Pale Female said...

You look lovely x

Anthea Lau said...

really simple but lovely outfit! perfect for a casual day out with friends - and this looks like a great place for brunch!

Check out my new outfit post featuring neon pink and beetlejuice! :)

Georgia said...

I love hollandaise sauce, so Eggs Benedict/Royale/Florentine is my favourite breakfast. YUM!


Greta* said...

nice outfit, girl:)X

Jess said...

i want to try this place so bad, their happy hour looks pretty good too. also, the laughing pic is v cute x


Man, now I am craving a mean Eggs Benedict haha. I love breakfast and what better place to have than The Breakfast Club!!

Luc X

Wednesdaykid said...

I love your blog! I think my favourite thing about it is your humour and quirky writing style!
It makes it a lot more interesting and fun! Just adore it! :)

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