Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Holiday beauty purchases

I am, very excitingly, going on a Trip to Venice with my college choir next week and this means I get that hit of sun and culture that a girl so often needs- especially at the end of the school year.  The sun, however, means damaged skin and hair which I don’t usually have to deal with in ‘Good ‘old rainy England’.

My hair always gets so limp and lifeless when I'm on holiday. I’m sure it’s because it is NOT used to sun. Also does anyone else find that their scalp burns in the sun? I never notice it until I brush or wash my hair and then the agony ensues. This kind of product is designed for head and hair alike. It keeps your shoulders up a happy bunny, a very happy bunny indeed.

I am getting ridiculously frustrated by my baby flyways that appear when I tie up my hair. This holds them down perfectly and ensures they don't end up all crispy. For what I've used it for, I must say I now have high hopes for this product- it's working like a treat.

Of course it's a fabulous factor 50 for my pale, white skin. I hate sun cream: the greasiness, the smell and the way I don’t tan… It's a constant reminder of the latter fact. But this one has a spray so I need not worry about the greasiness and the smell is not too horrible either.

I usually use a L'oréal product for make-up remover, but I found this make-up remover at a much cheaper price. You shake it so an oil and a water based formula mix and out comes a fabulous liquid that will (fingers crossed) remove every bit of stubborn make up.


Pastime Bliss said...

I've always wanted to try the Nivea spray. I hate the greasiness of sun cream as well, It's just so heavy.

Lola of The Pastime Bliss
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Deresha Thompson said...

Nice post and great blog

Mahsa K said...

Venice is beautiful! Hope you have a lovely trip, and i'm looking for a good makeup remover, may have to try that out xx

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