Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday's music mix #35

MINI SAYS... Is it bad that I have a soft spot for this song? I feel like it should be some kind of dirty little secret... Oops... Oh well, I will tell you I meant to use this some weeks ago and then got distracted and wrote about something else instead. I do love this song and it is one you have to roll down the windows for and blast it loud. And sing ("Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, HEY PORCHE!" isn't too difficult now, is it?). I'm pretty sure this will be a summer anthem for me.


BELLE SAYS... I love Miss Emeli. I mean, isn't her music just wonderful? It feels like she just stepped out of a dream. She hasn't been around for long, and yet she's HUGE. I mean, c'mon, she was quite literally used for all of the events of London's summer. The Olympics really seemed incapable of getting enough of her. Well, all that being said, I found this beauty on her album. My my, it's wonderful. She just sings it with such utter conviction. She could go slightly wrong, and I would still be swept away.


ZEE SAYS... You know that 'cup song' from the Internet? Well, this is where you will find its origins. Last weekend, while on camp, I learnt how to tap out the rhythm of this with a cup. Not only was I ridiculously happy that I picked it up in about an hour but you can sing almost every song over the top of it and it will sound fab! Final point, what a cool band name - Lulu & the lampshades - you don't get band names like that any more do you? *sigh*

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