Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday's music mix #36

MINI SAYS... Like Zee said, we went camping and learnt the cup song. This was one of the alternate versions we did and it sounded b-e-a-Utiful (if I do say so myself). Our friend Tierney sang the tune and I sang the harmony. I thought I'd look it up when I got home to see what the original was like and found myself learning the dance moves from the video, shocked that she could do them in THOSE SHOES. If that doesn't call for a 'song of the week', I don't know what does...

BELLE SAYS... I'm actually utterly in love with this tune, to the extent that I sent it to everyone I felt comfortable sending it too. Patina Miller is an absolute queen of musical theatre. Previously known for her work in Sister Act, she is utterly enigmatic and her role in this musical has won her a Tony nomination. A friend of mine asked me what the musical is about, and to be honest, I don't know. I just saw a clip of it among the many, many Tony previews I watched, and fell in love. Hopefully a couple of y'all will too.

ZEE SAYS... I listen to the radio in the shower, what normal person doesn’t do that, right? And, well, this has been a pretty prominent part of the washing routine. I think my love for this song has something to do with the lyric line ‘When everything’s wrong you make it right’ I have so many people in my life like that and this song makes me think of all of them mushed together into a bundle of love. *bleughh* How cheesy. It’s a good song, and the video is pretty good too, so go and watch!

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Lovely songs!

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