Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review: War Horse (theatre)

Based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, 'War Horse' is one of the newer theatre productions in London. My daddy bought my momma tickets for her birthday back in March and the day came round on Friday so we all leapt on the tube up to Covent Garden to go and see it! I will point out that only my mama had read the book prior and all we got out of her was: 
  • It's about a boy and a horse
  • It's soooo sad...
Right, useful information there, mother. So I prepared myself, I found myself some tissues without balsam in so I could wipe my eyes without blinding myself and found a handbag big enough to store my makeup bag so I could do a repair job before we left the theatre.

I feel I should tell you a bit about the story... Erm, Albert's father is a tad drunk and buys a colt (that's a baby male horse to y'all who don't understand) with his rent money. They name him Joey and Albert is left to train him up. Then war breaks out (I agree with my brother at this point, it took me a bloody long time to figure out which war it was but that is because both of us are incredibly unobservant) and Albert's father sells Joey to the army (DUN DUN DURRR!). We follow Joey and Albert as they try to find each other and witness all they see in the war.

My view? It's sad, I'll give it that. Personally, I think the worst bit was when his father sold Joey. My daddy got my wrath then, it's almost as if I blamed him for the whole debacle. I do not, nor ever have I owned a horse, however I've ridden horses since I was 3 (14 years for those who can't figure it out) and a pony has been top of every Christmas and birthday list I've ever made. If I had a horse and my dad had sold it, I would have murdered him there and then. 

Another thing the pony mad 7 year old within me adored, was the puppetry. It is stunning. I expected it to be a bit like the ones in The Lion King, you know? Nutters on stilts with giraffes on their heads and what not. No way. Life size horses that people got to ride. I was peeved I wasn't on stage getting to ride that thing. I was also peeved I couldn't buy one in the gift shop. My mamma was probably quite thankful seeing as I would have spent my life savings on one there and then. 

My slight problem was, being a horse rider I noticed, the gaits didn't seem natural but when I stop being a picky cow about things, it was stunning. You forget they're puppets and start to think of them as real animals. It was a stunning play, and the music was brilliant too (SO wasn't expecting that). It really is a must if you're ever in London.


Andini Ria said...

I loved the film and really want to see this play!
Great review :)

Sinead Danielle said...

I adore both the film & stage adaptations of this, I think it's such a powerful story. Really enjoyed this review, looking forward to seeing more of your posts! :)
Sinead xo

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