Saturday, 27 July 2013

A little (but tiring) trip to 'The Doll's House on the Hill'


My gosh, the weather has really taken a turn in London, and a girl with my disposition is not fairing well in these temperatures- certainly not when I have to walk up hills. The Doll's House on the Hill is (as you can guess) on a hill, and I was exhausted by the end of that little escapade to reach it. 

The Doll's House on the Hill is a memory from Mini's childhood, with regular Sunday afternoons spent there having tea. It really is a beautiful little place. Since going she has thus informed me that nowadays if you want to have tea on a Sunday you have to pre-book because it's that popular. Mini had a cranberry and brie toastie with an Oreo milkshake, whilst I had a brie and ham panini with a berry summer crush (something they likened to an adult slushy!) It's a picturesque little cafe with a lovely atmophere and lovely staff to match. Set on Harrow on the Hill, it's in an equally picturesque location. Never mind the fact it's practically adjacent to the Harrow Boy's school (any girl with golddigger potential will know what I'm referring to) but it has a rather countryside-like vibe. I mean, it is Harrow, but it really feels like you're having tea in one of the home counties.

Now, back to the matter we all really care about: the outfit. I only have one thing to really mention: the pinafore. I love, love, love pinafores, I think they're just far too darn cute. So when I found a denim one at a reasonable price I just couldn't resist batting my eyelashes at mother, and persuading her to buy me one for my birthday. I mean, what's better than combining something which you personally love with a fashion trend? That's rhetorical, no need to answer that sunshines. Oh wait, another thing. My outfit was inspired by the good news of a future king: George Alexander Luis. I thought if there ever was a time, it was wholly appropriate now to bust out my shirt adorned with crowns, even if it didn't feel like the wisest choice in the heat.


Charlotte Olivia said...

I love your outfit and the pictures are beautiful :) xx

Charlotte |

melly-go-round said...

Adorableness overload :D x

Heather said...

Great outfit and photographs :) x

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