Wednesday, 3 July 2013

DIY: Floral headband made from real flowers

Flowers were key when it came to a 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' theme, and I felt it necessary to have my own. I used peonies because I wanted something really over the top and striking, but I must make it clear that it is a lot easier to make a headband with lighter flowers. In fact, Chrysanthemums are perfect, but when my mum was little they were seen as a bad omen. On a lighter note, when a floral headband is done well, it can be really beautiful. Look at Miss Mini up there, she looks like a little Lana Del Ray! How very on trend.

  • Flowers (I wouldn't exceed using more than four types of flower, and even four is a real push, as it will not only look really crowded, but be really costly if you're buying them)
  • Stem from a bush or plant
  • Green tape
  • Green wire
  1. Use a long stem as the base of your floral headband, and ensure to measure the length of the stem by turning it into a circle and placing it on your head. You should leave a couple of extra inches which will be able to overlap, and therefore can be used to secure the circle shape. My mum used green tape in order to secure it, because obviously the stem itself is green, and it should be pretty much covered by the time you have finished  the piece.
  2. Next, cut your flowers leaving a good few inches (about two to four inches) of stem to attach it to the circular base. The heavier the base is, the longer you should leave the stem, as the stem will support the flower, and prevent it from drooping on the circular base.
  3. You must cut pieces of wire which will be used to wrap around the stem of the flower onto the circular base, these are essential as they ensure that the flowers will not fall off the hairband.
  4. Remember to mix the flowers. In this case the peonies have been put at regular intervals with the white flowers threaded in between. 
  5. Make sure you care for your hairband, as it is very likely that if you have heavy flowers on it, that the petals could easily drop off!

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So pretty :) I love this idea of DIY


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