Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: MUA Intense Glosses collection

THE PRICE? £2 per gloss

So I’m aware of how much make-up I already have, however during the whole ‘exam stress revision period’ that I have been going through for the last month I needed to treat myself- a lot. Here lays my confession of buying 7, yes 7, of my favourite lipglosses. The Intense Glosses from MUA, in, well, pretty much every colour.

There are 8 colours altogether and I bought one (to try) back in January and loved so I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer a couple weeks ago and a couple of days later (the service was so quick) I received 7 lovely new lipglosses.

I love the pigmentation and formula of these lippies and they smell really good as well, which is always a bonus. They are quite long lasting as well, only wearing off after a couple of hours whilst staining your lips slightly so it never wears off fully. I think my favourite colours out of the collection are a dusky pink ‘Kiss and Make up’, a bright pink ‘Kiss and tell’ and the first one I bought ‘Lips are sealed’. I will say that some of the colours are a little hit or miss, some are rather translucent and light and some are rather opaque and bright. However, these look fab over lipstick so are brilliant to bring with you on a night out to touch up your lippy wherever you may be headed.

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Gen said...

The pigmentation is awesome! I would love to try these.

Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

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