Thursday, 25 July 2013

Some hellos and goodbyes are in order

It has been quite a while since we last posted, by our standards anyway, and that's for many, many reasons. Mini would probably love to put it down solely to my sudden 'laziness', which is otherwise known as doing rehearsals for my school musical for three weeks (it's exhausting, ok?). However, that's certainly not the only reason. We've been doing some major planning, or we had at least intended to... We ended up noshing on Chinese takeaway instead. In fact, it's this kind of behaviour that spurs us to be better, for you guys. We have made pledges to stop being so damn lazy in the future, because whilst we love blogging, actually putting everything together is so much harder than watching a boxset of CSI, for Mins at least. 

In order for this to be better, we also intend to make some majors changes in some areas, so do watch out! It might be a slow process, but the holiday season is a little bit crazy for us all. Alas, do not worry, that's only a good thing to hear. It means plenty of material for posts, we can assure you, so all you should be is excited. 

However, there is a pretty big change coming, well, right now to be honest which isn't really that exciting. All the same, it's necessary for it to be announced. Genie is leaving the nest. There's been a lot of talking and tears about the whole issue but she felt it was for the best, as she felt blogging just wasn't for her. Despite my obvious grievances on the subject, I wholly understand, I was devoted to being a nurse before and found it wasn't for me. Admittedly, I was a child with a crazy fear of blood, but it's all the same to me. We wish her the utmost best, in a strange way considering that she's a good friend of ours so we will probably being seeing her regularly for the rest of the summer. If she isn't doing well, we're going to know!

So putting these changes aside, we only really have one more thing to say. It's actually to do with you guys, so you should be pretty, ruddy excited by it.


It's true, because we pretty much couldn't do this without you guys, and before you say it, no, that's not the only reason. Our followers are utter blessings to us, and everytime we get a new comment, nevermind follow, we quite literally jump for joy. So thank you, for honestly just being amazing. Do take that well, instead of just cringing at how cliche that sounds.

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