Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"The liver building fittingly has a pair of liver birds on it, the female bird looks out to sea, waiting for her sailor to come home and the male bird looks inland to see if the pubs are open"


I'm looking at universities at the mo and I'm limited in my choice. Only 7 universities in the UK offer my course so my mama and I trekked up to Liverpool to have a looksie. My overall impression was that it was quite grey but when you look closely, the buildings are stunning, the docks are beautiful and best of all, it was home to the Beatles. The university offered a tour of the city so that's where the majority of the photos are from (and the title quote). We saw a rather large number of hen and stag parties and lots of scouse-brows as well but overall, I really did like it, which I didn't expect.

Knowing I was going to be sat on a train for 6 hours in total that day and the having to walk round and sit in lectures I knew I had to dress comfortably and warmly. It may be June but this is England. As well as the weather, I had to contend with a farm trip (yes, my course involves farms) so I settled for layers which I could strip off or pile on if needs be, converse for walking in (the ones I'm wearing actually walked through the Masai Mara in Kenya and I got less blisters than my parents and brother who were wearing walking boots) and a jacket, because you never know. I needed a huge bag for everything I had to lug around so my Monki one I bought with the girls in Carnaby Street was perfect. I swear it's so huge I can fit in it.

Oh, and by the way, that yellow door I'm stood outside of? It used to be the Liverpool Registry Office where marriages were confirmed. It was where John Lennon married his first wife, Cynthia, and they too stood on those steps. Bit of a Beatles geek over here.

One place I suggest you go to if you ever go to Liverpool is the Bold Street Sweets shop. OMG, this place is heaven. The amount of stuff they have in there is insane. THEY HAVE REECE'S PIECES CEREAL, like WTH? And Lucky Charms, and lots of old style sweets in jars and candy floss. I would say I was like a kid in a candy shop but that idiom is far too appropriate. My mama limited me to a lone item (sad but necessary) so I bought a packet of 'Nutter Butters'. They're a bit like custard creams but with peanut butter in them. And now I'm off to text my friend who's currently in America and ask him to bring me back some...

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