Friday, 9 August 2013

Belle's summer make-up look

I don't really change my make-up- it's terrible. Except change my lip colour to red or experiment with my Urban Decay Naked Palette on a night out, I still look pretty much the same whenever you meet me. It's not like it's a short routine, I'm just too lazy to think of another one. I've recently expanded my look a bit more because of being in my school musical; I found that bottom waterline eye liner kind of worked. Well, in the true spirit of sharing I just thought I would explain exactly what my face is doing in practically all of my outfit posts, so here we are.


It's far too hot nowadays to expect my foundation to stay on for the whole day, but I still put a little bit on throughout the day just to create a more consistent skin tone on my. However, I've recently changed my concealer. My lovely friend Lola bought me her staple beauty must haves for my birthday, and I'm absolutely in love with this Collection Concealer. I love its consistency, and that fact that it actually covers rather than just congregates around my blemishes. I do have to make sure that I kind of 'de clump' the wand, as sometimes it comes off quite thickly. Lastly, I know you can't really see it in the photo, but I adore this blusher, it's just the right shade of pink. Now, don't think I'm a rich one, it's a hand me down from mummy... In fact, most of this make-up is.

I used to never wear eye liner, but now I never go a day without it on. Doing my eyeliner on my top line is a must have for me. This L'Oreal eyeliner is ridiculously easy to use, I can assure you. I always make sure that I draw it right in from my inner corner eye for full drama, and thicken it as I draw out towards the outer v. I do find that sometimes the eyeliner can come out pretty lightly, so you have to outline it more than once. I also do my bottom water line, using the Maybelline eyeliner Zee recently gave me. It's absolutely wonderful, and very easy to draw with as long as you keep it sharpened- obviously. I usually use an Urban Decay palette for my eyeshadow, but to make this look more accessible, I borrowed Zee's Undress Me Too Palette to bring the drama, making sure I put a primer on underneath. I've begun using this Mally mascara, which Zee has noted doesn't give the single most natural look. I absolutely hate spider lashes, so I ensure to de-clump this like crazy, but it still volumises to ensure my lashes are a separate entity to my eyelid, as I find light mascaras can just blend straight into my eyeliner background. Lastly, there's my eyebrows. A lot of my friends don't use and eyebrow pencil, but I love having eyebrows. I'm not a girl who deals with those thin, almost non-existent eyebrows, I like mine prominent, like I'm a really pale Kim Kardashian. 

I've fallen in love with pale pink lipsticks, they work wonders for blue eyes. They somehow make them more vivid, there's a science in it somewhere. However, I much prefer a matte lipstick, which I then overlay with a gloss, because I find shiny lipsticks verge on being slightly glittery- not my thing.

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