Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I thought I was a fool for no one


Ooh, I just adore this little playsuit way too much. The open back, the tie halter neck and the culotte shorts are a killer combination here. Plus, those earrings are real cute too. They're from my mama's little haystack of jewels, and I may have nabbed them permanently for myself. Don't even get me started on the shoes. Who am I kidding? I'm obviously going to start on the shoes.

Oh my gosh. I just love them. They're the perfect colour, style and heel for everything I could possible want from a sandal. Let me not forget to mention the price. They were marketed at £34 down from about £69, but the girl at the checkout gave me this massive grin, telling me they were now £10. I couldn't help but buy them! It would have been a crime to leave them on that counter. They're one of the single most versatile pairs of shoes I have in my wardrobe for sure. It sounds strange, because obviously a pale girl like me doesn't really have white items in my wardrobe, but the shoes fit with almost everything. Oh my, they're wonderful.

I wore this little piece on the day we visited Grotta di Nettuno. Full of stunning stalactites and stalagmites, the cave was first discovered by fishermen in the 18th Century. I love caves, and I felt that for a sun-blessed holiday it was the perfect pop of culture for little old me, even if I didn't fare particularly well with the boat ride there. 

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Pretty Little Things said...

Cute outfit! I loveee the playsuit :)

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