Wednesday, 28 August 2013

For the last of the summer days

As I have been enjoying wearing a much simpler make up look recently I thought I would share with you an alternate summer make-up look, for the remaining of slight sunshine us Londoners have. I am going with a very simple make up look which I am sure will work perfectly as a transition from Summer to Autumn colours.

I used Rimmel London MatchPerfection Foundation in '010 Light Porcelain', which I applied with my e.l.f Studio Stipple Brush. I wasn’t sure about this foundation at first, however, I think I was applying it with the wrong tool – once I bought this Stipple brush I now use this to buff the foundation into my face. This does give me quite a light coverage but recently that hasn’t been a massive problem as my spots seem to have been kept at bay. I will credit where credit is due, and I did use the Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream for this look. However, that is almost all the credit I can give it. It certainly isn’t my favourite concealer but I want to use it up before I move onto another one.

One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes- M.U.A Undress Me Too Palette, and a pretty good dupe for the Naked 2 palette, so I’ve heard. I used the colours Reveal and Exposed (which are light grey shimmery colours) just to add a little jazz to my look. I really love the subtle shimmer and colour of this product. The brush I used (e.l.f Eye Shadow Brush) is decently priced (offline) and is alright, although nothing to write home about. My Collection felt liner was running out and I was given 'M.U.A Extreme Felt Eyeliner Black' for my birthday so I think it was time I used it. I may actually prefer this to my Collection one. It doesn’t seem to fade and yet comes off easier at night when it's time to take my make-up off. Lastly, there's my 'Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara'. I love this, and have done so since Christmas. I’m running out now and finding it increasingly difficult to get it out of the tube and as it is so expensive I’m sad as I may not be able to buy it again at this point in time. I also find that this is really similar to the 'Benefit They’re Real! Mascara'. It's not quite as lengthening but it is much easier to get off at night.

I love 'Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm'. It’s a cult beauty product and if you haven’t heard of it I think you’ve been living under a rock. I love the formula and the colour of this 'Coloursensational Lipstick' in 'Raspberry Diamonds'. Also the packaging is fab. If you don’t like glitter in your lippy, don’t even look at this as it is a very glittery lippy. I love it for it, but I know many people will not.

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