Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene

If you ever get the chance, do go to Verona. It is so beautiful and I had one of the best times there with my choir last week. Usually when I go away I don’t really bother with make-up. Mainly because I have to keep reapplying sun cream and it goes everywhere, and because (as gross at it is) it gets wiped off with sweat. However, on the day we were in Verona we went to see an opera and as I wanted to look dressed up and lovely, I felt I must do my makeup especially.

Incredibly minimal, but lovely. My lipstick is the main thing I want to talk about. Having been scared of orange lipstick for a while, I took the plunge and bought this one from an online discount beauty store (fragrancedirect.co.uk, specific link here). I had not worn it till I was on holiday and I got so many compliments for wearing it, especially as it matched my dress really well, that I think I may just wear it for the rest of my life. Just joking, I’ll get super bored of it... eventually.
Verona is the home of Shakespeare’s tale of Romeo and Juliet (hence the post's title). Having only a few hours in which to explore Verona, my friends and I saw little of the amazing place. Juliet’s tomb was the first on our stops and it was a little creepy so we left and attempted to make our way to Juliet’s balcony. This meant walking through the shopping central of Verona where we may have lost some people – we found them later don’t worry. All round the entrance to Juliet’s balcony and the museum people had written messages on the wall I myself wrote my name and proceeded to gaze at the balcony and the locks all over the gate and think about how many couples had fastened locks together as a sign of love. It was rather beautiful. The opera in L’Arena was interesting, the space age-y costumes and set design intrigued me and I ended up watching that rather than following what they were singing about, as it was all in Italian. All in all it was a fab trip and I am eager to go back again and go into the museum.

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