Thursday, 22 August 2013

Oh, I've got my new shoes on


As in the words of Paolo Nutini, 'I've got my new shoes on' and everything does seem to be turning out right. They seem to be managing to transform absolutely every outfit I own, which makes them magnifique in my eyes. I wore this little dress earlier on in the year to a party I went to, but with my heeled hiker-type boots. These shoes certainly transform this dress to make it a lighter, summer look. The contrast in my opinion is insane. The dress has some beautiful purple, navy tones to it which gives the white such an utter brightness. Oh my, I think I will be quiet about those shoes now.

Now, all fashion matters aside, I just couldn't help but post a picture of this pizza. Not only was it ridiculously good, it was a Sardinian speciality: one metre pizza. Between the three of us, it was certainly a task. We had toppings of capers, anchovies, bacon and spinach. They had plenty of places which served one metre pizza, but the place we had the particular pizza pictured served the nicest one by far. It was called 'Lido' and was a lovely little restaurant on the beach. We went there on two occasions, and on the second occasion, we had the opportunity to sit at the part of the restaurant which has a strip which is literally on the beach. We were surrounded by candles, and I even had the opportunity to walk along the sea front whilst we waited for the bill.

Oh gosh, I'm ranting. I just couldn't help it; it was lovely.


Harian Edwards said...

Outfits lovely!

Harian x.

Nadiah Samh said...

love your style and your blog hope you can check my blog and tell me what you think it would mean a lot to me !!
kisses Nadia

GagCloud said...

you look lovely :)
Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?
Let me know :)


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