Friday, 16 August 2013

She walks like Rihanna


I love the sunny weather but it means digging in the back of the wardrobe to try and find something to wear in which I won't boil to death. I've owned this orange skirt for years and it's always a summer staple. It's high waisted and all swishy meaning it's nice and loose in the hot weather. It's also brilliant for my (and anyone else's) figure. It creates a small waist and wide hips and with a horizontally striped top, makes an hourglass figure. The top is cropped with 3/4 length sleeves which draw attention to your waist and stomach - the smallest part of an hourglass figure. It's a really flattering pairing if you ignore the fact that the slightly blind among us (*ahem* BELLE *ahem*) may mistake you for a traffic cone. What a loving friend... The shoes are from Topshop and I've been living in them as they're really comfy and I don't have to worry about horrific toes (I have a proper problem with feet...)

This is probably one of the simplest nail designs I've done but it's really cool looking and you can easily swap the colours up for any time of the year. I used 'Flying Saucer' by Topshop (the lilac colour) and 'Tangerine Queen' by Rimmel (the orange).


BlueVoiletHearts said...

aw you look so cute, love this look!

Sophia Miller de Vega said...

You look lovely and your nails are amazing!I just might have to try that one day :)

Sophia x

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