Thursday, 15 August 2013

Splurge or steal: Oil-base make-up removers

The idea behind oil based make-up removers is that you shake the bottle to mix the oil and cleansing solution and the mixture will remove your make-up without it making you break out, best of both worlds, right?

I first spotted the L’Oreal eye and lip make up remover in the aisles of Superdrug and picked it up as I was fed up of rubbish cleansers that don’t remove my make-up. I was pleasantly happy with it and this was my second bottle. It did still take a while for my eye make-up to be fully removed and it isn’t supposed to remove face make up so I guess, saying it was rubbish at doing that isn’t very fair.

The Garnier one my mother bought by accident. She isn’t very good at remembering the ‘face stuff’ I’m using. However, I found out that it was exceptionally cheaper and also, much better. It takes much less product and much less time to remove my make-up in the evening.

I even did a little experiment one night, using one remover on one eye of make-up and the other remover on the other eye. I held my cotton pad there for 30secs and pulled away to see how well the remover had worked. Answer: The Garnier remover took away more eye make-up and more quickly than the more expensive L’Oreal one.


Mahsa said...

I use to have the L’Oreal one until i switched, totally agree with you, wasn't that amazing xx

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