Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer make-up look for battling the heat and sun

Phew, how hot has it been in England lately? Not that I am complaining, of course. I love the heat and the sun but it’s not very good for your face, is it? With all that sun cream and disgusting sweat to contend with what hope does a little bit of make-up have? The answer, everything, if you use the correct products, of course. I’ve also included my tips for each part of the face, from base, to eyes, to lips and you should look wisely upon them in this hot weather as it’s taken a while


My Garnier B.B. cream has been a saviour to me these past few weeks. On recommendation from my mummy, it works really well to even out my skin tone and cover up any spot redness which persists through this weather. You would have thought the sun would dry them up, but no. I also often just use concealer to cover up my dark circles and spots but it doesn’t have any SPF or anything so I have to remember to put sun cream on or else I would end up with a patchy burn.

Hands up. Who else gets the problem of creasing eyeshadow? Because, I know I do and I hate it! E.l.f. eyelid primer is my little saviour though, I bung a little on top of my eyelids just before doing my concealer so it’s dry and ready for me to apply eyeshadow over when I come to it. Also I have been loving using black eyeshadow as eyeliner, I apply it on a little angled brush and it just defines my lash line and opens the eyes.

I love this pink shimmery blush but it is a bit of a crappy one. I received from a magazine a loooong time ago, I’ve been meaning to take it into Boots and try and find a dupe for it but I haven’t remembered yet. I don’t really need the bronzer at the moment as my face is quite tanned, but, I have been practising my bronzer application so I applied it today. My Holy Grail product, which banishes all shine, is my very, well-loved Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, you can see in the photo it’s a bit battered and it recently broke as I do carry it round a lot… I wish the packaging was more sturdy as it is a product you will have to carry around all day – but the packaging is the only downside.

Brights, brights, brights... Oh how I do love thee. This red coral is definitely my favourite summer lip colour and oranges and pinks also seem to be doing to rounds. I’m not very good at wearing lip-gloss; I always forget and don’t often have the same colour as the lipstick so that’s where I get stuck. It’s not often that I go full on with my eye make-up and my lips, but for the odd occasion - birthday, wedding, party - it can look fabulous.

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Mahsa said...

love the bright lip! and i've heard amazing things about the rimmel powder, will definitely check it out!xx

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