Friday, 23 August 2013

The unintentional crop top


Anyone who knows me particularly well knows that I'm not particularly a girl who follows fashion trends. I'm the girl who screams out 'just watch, that will be out before the winter is over'. I'm a sceptic, but I also just like staying true to my own aesthetic. There is a double irony to this top. Firstly, it is actually a crop top, but (secondly) I hadn't intended to wear it like it was one. That strip of flesh you can see? It actually happens to be a strip from the skirt itself. Ooh, deceiving pictures...

Regardless, I still love the top. I mean, it's beaded, and everyone knows Belle loves things which are beaded. Also, what you can't see is it has a v-shaped back. Quite flirty, if I don't say so myself. This top was a little treasure which my mum whipped out of her wardrobe, which I'm not sure if I should be worried about. (1) Why did my mum have a crop top? (2) Why was my mum the size of a 17 year old girl? One was disconcerting, and the other just plain despressing, so I'm going to annoy these questions of mine.

This is the last of the Sardinia-based posts. I know, you might wanna bust out those tissues, or perhaps rejoice? It certainly means that the background might become a bit more predictable, as back in London I have a lot more to work with. What I don't have is sun... That's quite unfortunate.


melly-go-round said...

Love this post, gave me a smile :)
This is a really pretty outfit on a gorgeous girly x

Karla said...

Very cute! I would LOVE for you to share this at "That's My Style" Link Party TODAY on my blog. Not comfortable sharing? Stop by anyway for beauty related post and fun DIY projects. I hope to see you there! :)

Karla @

Charlotte Olivia said...

Your crop top is so lovely, it goes really well with the skirt!

Charlotte xx

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