Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Welcome to Edinburgh!

Almost accidentally, my mother booked a 3 day trip for myself and her to Scotland. I'm sorry for stereotyping, but I was terrified. The only Scottish people I had met I was scared by and found difficult to understand. As well as this, I was expecting people like the care-taker in 'The Simpsons'. I also had a view of the place which mainly based on 'Countryfile'.

Momma and I flew from Luton to Edinburgh airport, which is actually quite a way out of Edinburgh- don't be mistaken. We arrived by about 10:30 and moving through the airport was really quick. I'll point out now that there's no point in having a car in Edinburgh as there are buses to get everywhere and also the cabs are quite cheap. So, unable to check into our hotel until 2pm, Ma and I had some time to kill so we went to the botanic gardens. Even if it's not your thing, I'd suggest going for the restaurant which is beautiful. There's an indoors and a terrace which looks out over a set of waterfalls and was lovely during the middle of this heatwave we're having.

After lunch, we walked up a HUGE hill to Princes Street and then along it to our hotel where we promptly collapsed and refused to move. When it had cooled down in the evening we went out for dinner. We ended up at 'The Hard Rock Café' (and yes, I bought the t-shirt). If you don't know what I'm banging on about, the Hard Rock Café is an American Diner style place with burgers and cocktails and things. And in Edinburgh, a (now) 30 year old waiter named Gordy. Whom my ma tried to set me up with (got to love my family). May I suggest you go? They have them all over the world and the atmosphere is brilliant and the food is great even if the portions are huge.

I'm a child, I know... So mama and I went to Edinburgh Zoo, mainly to go and visit the Giant Pandas. However old you are, zoos are always great fun and Edinburgh is no exception. It's a relatively small zoo, set on a hill so it's quite easy to get around. Mam and I did the majority of the zoo by 2pm as well as having lunch and 'breakfast' (well...cake...) whilst we were there. They've got a wide variety of animals and I'd suggest it's a great day out.

We then hopped on the bus back to Princes Street, which is the best way to get around. As many people say, there's no point in having a car in Edinburgh as the buses are really cheap (about £7 for a hop-on/hop-off day ticket) and will take you just about anywhere. We spent the afternoon going round the shops after having been to look at the castle. To be honest, unless you're a slight castle obsessive, you may as well just do what we did and stand outside and take photos as its bloody expensive to get in.

So all in all, I really enjoyed Edinburgh. Everyone was really friendly even if all the men had beards (to keep their faces warm). I would go back but I'm not sure if I'd be able to hack the normal Scottish weather, so for now, I'm a London girl over and over.

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