Thursday, 1 August 2013

Zee's pool bag essentials

It's time for some of us to have a holiday, and for those of us going on holiday I’m sure that at some point you will be lying by a pool in the sun sipping a cocktail (or a fizzy non-alcoholic beverage if you're an underage lady like me) and contemplating life, the universe and everything. If you are not contemplating life then you need to remember your book and iPod and your specs for checking out those hot boys that so often lounge by pools. Me, being me, I would also be worrying about my make-up even though most of my face would be taken up by sunglasses. Rant over, here’s what will be in my bag by the pool this summer.

For when you want to look at those gorgeous boys (or girls - we’re all friends here), stick on those massive sun glasses and plug into your latest summer tunes. Not only can you chair dance to One Direction and Miley Cyrus but you can hide any dodgy panda eyes the water may have given you.

Following on from the sunglasses that could hide your panda eyes, you may not actually need them if you use this mascara. It survived through the pool, the shower and then the rest of the day when I wore it in Venice and went to a pool party with a friend a few weeks ago I asked Mini whether I had panda eyes from my mascara and she said ‘absolutely none’ so I was chuffed to pieces and now cannot rave enough about this pink pot of joy.

My mum recommended this to me, so instead of going for the one with SPF 30 I went for the sensitive skin one hoping that it would stop some of the horrific spots that appear when I am on holiday. This will unfortunately wash off in the pool as it is not waterproof but it’s best to apply with your hands anyway so there’s no need to lug about brushes. It gives a wash of cover and will last a pretty decent time so there’s no need to keep applying as you would a sun cream.

Hands up, I burn, but so does everyone if they don’t put sun cream on. I play it safe and slap on the factor 50 when away as the sun’s rays are much stronger in the Mediterranean so you’ll always need a step up than you would usually use in England. When buying sun cream you want to look for the little UVA/UVB symbol on the packaging. UVB rays are short and therefore get the top layer of your skin (these cause burning and you looking like a ripe tomato). UVA are the long rays that harm your skin deep down and these are the ones that cause skin cancer and prolonged damage… and nobody wants that now, do they? Even if you don’t think you need it you need sun cream, being hot and sticky is better than the risk of having cancer. Not to be depressing or anything...

I hate Soltan sun cream, it’s bad enough having to put sun cream on but when this sun cream is thick, gloopy and won’t rub in it’s even worse! However, as I am blessed with a blonde barnet I find that my scalp burns where my hair is parted. So while browsing the shelves in Boots I found this little gem and although it is Soltan and it does make your hair a little greasy if you use too much, a couple of quick sprays along where your hair is parted and you are good to go.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Soltan’s sun cream is just rubbish, but some of their other products are pretty decent. I love this after sun at the moment: it smells good. it rubs in well and it really does help sunburn. When I got sunburnt on my face back in May I put some of this in an empty foundation pot and carried it around with me, applying it whenever the burns got too much – my sun burn went away after a few days and whether it was this product or the fact that I was just applying after sun more regularly I have no idea, but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was good.

You wouldn’t think your lips could get sun burnt, but when it happens, by George does it hurt! So I always carry around this little SPF lip balm my mother bought me absolutely ages ago. This is a banana boat one and it reminds me of those ‘Double lollies’ from my childhood but I’d also recommend the Nivea one that you can find in all good Boots and Superdrug stores across the UK.

This lasts for absolutely ages, and is exceptionally water proof so I would definitely invest in a brightly coloured one for the poolside if I was you. This formula is really lovely, a small while after you put on your lip gloss a tingling sensation will occur. This is the ‘lip plumper’ working its magic. Personally, I don’t really think it actually does anything, but I like the sensation and the colour pays off so just be wary of the ‘tingles’. Although this lip gloss is quite sticky, I don’t find that it smudges everywhere and as I said earlier it lasts ages, I’d say a good two hours even with eating and drinking.

Now I don’t know about you, but I for one read so many books on holiday that last year I ran out and had to buy another one in this random English bookshop we found. This year I’ll be taking away my English book, including ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F.Scott Fitzgerald with me. I’m looking forward to reading them but the prospect of homework on holiday is always a tad depressing. 


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