Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flawless summer wedding make-up

Admittedly, it's Septermber and summer is nearly over but hopefully the sun should last us a little bit longer. Many people get married in the summer, however in the UK the most popular weekend to get married is the 3rd weekend of September so you may have a wedding lined up to go to. My problem with weddings is that you can't ever look too good - have you seen some of the bridesmaids dresses out there? You cannot by any means upstage the bride on her big day. But this makeup look is subtle in soft colours - perfect for the summer - and can easily be jazzed up for an evening.

During the summer your skin is bound to need more moisture due to the weather drying it out. Even if you have oily skin (like me) you still need to moisturise. 'Simple' do great cheaper moisturisers and also do 'light' formulas which are great on oily skin. You should be moisturising daily, especially in the summer and winter.

For summer weddings in warm conditions with lots of sweaty bodies and old ladies grabbing your cheeks, I would recommend wearing a primer. Not only will it fill any pores to give a more even finish, but it should help your makeup last longer and reduce the number of spots you get as it stops so much dirt getting into your pores. Then you want to conceal any discolourations such as bags (peach counteracts blue in dark circles) and redness, hide spots and apply your foundation. You would probably want quite a matte foundation as photos are being taken and anything 'dewy' may just come out in pictures as 'shiny'. Make sure you set your foundation with a powder - I prefer loose powder but I know Zee prefers pressed; it's all personal preference. Again this helps avoid any shine.

I decided to pick quite neutral colours (gold and browns) as they go with most eye colours however you can change the colours around. I have done this look before with a nude base and green in the crease and it looks just as good. (1) Apply an eyelid primer to stop makeup from moving and slipping. (2) Apply a gold shadow all over the lid going no higher than the crease. (3) Using a light brown, run the shadow through the crease, buffing it in using a soft bristled brush. Keep adding shadow and blending until satisfied.(4) Add a little of a darker brown to the outside edge of the crease and the corner of the eye. Blend again. Don't add to much as you don't want this look to be too dark. (5) Drag a little of the dark shadow under the eye - no more than a quarter of the way along the lash line. In the middle add some gold shadow and blend these together. (6) In the teardrop, apply a lighter champagne colour and blend under the eye until it meets the gold.You could easily just apply mascara to this look and you'd be set to go, however I prefer to add some definition and lined my eyes using gel liner.

I have quite a round face so find constant need to give it definition. I do this by buffing a matte bronzer into the hollows of my cheeks, above my cheekbones in the sides of my eye sockets and on my temples. I also place it under my jaw and down my neck as it makes it look slimmer and longer. This look requires a blush and I used 2 different ones, the first was a pale pink powder, just buffed into the skin and blended in with the bronzer and the second was a creme blush, patted along the tops of my cheekbones to help give definition.

As the eyes were quite dark after the addition of eyeliner, I kept to a neutral pale pink lip however, if you're going very neutral on the eyes it would work well with a pop of colour here, maybe a brig coral to compliment that summer tan?



Vicki Skitt said...

Your skin looks flawless

Mini Thoumine said...

Aww, thank you so much! I can promise you it's far from it! :) xx

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