Thursday, 5 September 2013

Simple doesn't mean underwhelming: Formal din dins


There's a lot more to this outfit than you might think, and rightfully so. I attended a formal dinner as part of a summer school I attended this summer, and whilst simplicity is utterly acceptable in my book, being underwhelming is not. It's never as simple as a nice dress, as the perfectionists among us know.

First there was the dress. I did actually have plenty of options in my wardrobe for the dinner, but luckily found this beauty in passing. I personally found it among the sale section of John Lewis for £35, but found out that you can actually buy it straight from Warehouse for a tenner less. I'm always one for giving credit where credit is due, but it's always nice to have a comparison (especially when it's money that's concerned). The dress actually had a lovely v-shaped back, but I couldn't find a picture to show you without me looking a little bit like a hunchback (an issue probably caused by my turned-in shoulders), but I just thought I would mention the detail, as I know a lot of girls like a low back.

The beauty was in the styling. I'm not a fan of black and red, so I treaded carefully. With my black glasses, black heels felt like the only suitable option for me, to ensure a colour balance throughout, and for me red liptsick was a given. The lipstick I used is my L'Oreal Color Riche Limited Edition Cheryl Cole Lipstick in '297 Red Passion'. It's not perfection in my books, as it's not matte (aka glittery) but it's really easy to put on  and the colour is vivid for absolutely ages.

Lastly, there was the hair. I have naturally fairly straight hair, with the occasional very tame wave, so I assure you this is styled. I used a very old BaByliss curling iron to curl my hair. It actually does very tight curls, and for a bit I was looking a little bit like Louis XIV. I secured the curls by spraying John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray before I curled them, which worked like a treat. I didn't curl everything though, just the parts around the front and on the top, and then some other hair placed around sporadically. To get the loose curl effect, I did sleep on it and then brush it through with my fingers and various hair brushes. Seriously, I brushed my hair (fairly) properly and I still got this effect. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I saw my hair in the mirror.

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This dress is gorgeous! Love it

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