Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I love to smell flowers in the dark


Mesh has found it's way onto the high street, in some more pleasing ways than others. I still sit on the fence about the acceptability of mesh cut-outs. Mesh arms, however... Ooh, mesh arms are definitely allowed. For what some people call my non-extistent arms, mesh just works so well. It just 'hangs' well, which I know sounds bizarre but it's true. I like the fact they aren't like tight sleeves, but rather loose sleeves. It creates a much more natural and free silhouette to something so dark. It avoids looking a bit 'Fifty Shades of Grey', which despite the popularity of the book, isn't my own personal desire... 

This outfit does look quite bizarre if you only see one half of it. They top and the skirt look very much like my favourite colour is black, whilst the skirt and shoes makes it look like I'm still living in summer. I can only get away with the combined on for so long. It might be autumn but it's still relatively warm (sometimes). In fact, if I didn't have these shoes on, I would fear that people might think I'm suddenly in love with the goth fashion, especially with my pale skin and all. So each little part of it is very tactical, very very tactical. 


style acid said...

Hey! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog! New follower :) loving that skirt by the way! Xo

Rebecca Jane said...

This is such a lovely outfit, i really love your skirt.
Great to keep the florals out in autumn :)



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