Thursday, 26 September 2013

Let there be height: Mia Gold Inset Lace Up Boot


I have drooled over Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a very long time. Being unable to fork out that much money on a pair of shoes, I had to opt for a much- but still expensive in my books- cheaper pair.

I found these boots on I will say some of their fashion is a bit hit or miss with quality but these are so sturdy and well-made that they are going to hopefully last me a very long time. This makes me so unbelievably happy as they did cost me more than I like to spend on anything. They are heeled platform boots with laces and a zip. The heel and the platform adds 4 inches to my height (which makes me an average size –oh, the happiness) and the boot style means they are really sturdy and easy to walk in.

I know the gold plate detail on the back of the heel will produce a bit of a marmite situation with many people but as you can probably guess... I love it. I think it adds a something to the shoes allowing them to be different, without being overtly complicated, and thus allowing the shoe to remain a versatile piece. 

I’m sorry I haven’t the rest of an outfit to give you, but, I am planning to wear these for many, many an event whether I’m wearing jeans, a skirt, a dress and in whatever colour because they are just so versatile! You know when you have been drooling over a style of shoe for ages and can never quite pluck up the courage to buy them? I did and I’m so pleased: I have a lot of parties to go to over the next few months and these will come in very handy!

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