Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sometimes I pretend to be a surburban Cleopatra


I'm a little bit of a fan of the Ancient World. Whether it's a myth or something that actually happened I get a little bit too excited. It's probably why my favourite film is 'The Mummy' (please don't judge me). In fact, specific settings in films have definitely influenced my fashion choices. It's probably why I have such a love of fringe; darn the wild west. Back to the Ancient World... I really love the mytsicism of Ancient Egypt which is why I really couldn't resist buying this necklace. Out comes the random facts relating to Ancient Egypt. I love this necklace because it's an Ankh, which was known as the key of life. It also has a modern looking scarab feature in turquoise, which couldn't possibly be better as I love turquoise jewellery. Also, (another little piece of information here) turquoise was apparently a symbol of fertility and protection against the evil eye. Ok, little rant over.

Now, aside from my desire to be Cleopatra, I do love this little ensemble for other reasons. Navy, tan and a glimpse of red are definitely prominent features in my Autumn wardrobe. Think of the colours of Indiana Jones really. This dress, however, is more than just a perfect fit in my wardrobe, it's really cute, non? The silhouette is ridiculously flattering to my own silhouette. Despite not having an indication of where my waist begins, it doesn't make me look particularly stout as the dress is just the perfect length. By having a bodycon feel about it, without being fitted like a glove it does indicate a waist, and gives the illusion my legs might just be a tad bit longer than they actually are. The illusion of long legs is always a very good idea. Lastly, how lovely is the curved edge detail on the bottom of the dress? It just gives it a much younger vibe, as opposed to feeling like a simple long-sleeved dress.


Rebecca Jane said...

Love the dress! It looks fab on your figure :)


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