Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hello dolly, well hello

One of friends turned 18 on Sunday and felt the need to celebrate. Her family are Philippino and I will inform you that they don't do things by halves. Becoming an adult is a huge deal to them and this was no exception. It was a properly formal function. Scary, huh? My issue is I'm not an overly formal person and when confronted with the dress code 'Formal - but no pink, white or black' I stressed. Pretty much every formal dress I own is black. Bar one. And that is the dress I wore to my year 11 awards evening. So it got a second outing. I haven't worn it since because I dress rather simply and I find the dress a bit ostentatious. This becomes an issue when doing hair/makeup/jewellery selections. However, I'm guessing I did decently so I've recreated the look for you.

Seeing as I had nothing to do with my Friday night and I find my hair is easier to manage if it's a little worn in, I washed it 24 hours before the function. I use Herbal Essences because I'm cheap and it's always on special offer. Even though my hair isn't coloured, I use a coloured hair conditioner as I find it helps my ends and reduces how quickly they split as it has more moisture in as dyed hair gets drier quicker. On the Saturday, I curled my hair in 2 sections (top and bottom) with a skinny barrelled curling wand and then sprayed some hairspray through the curls before brushing it through with a wide tooth comb. I then took a small section from the front of either side and twisted them to give them some texture before taking them to the back of my head and twisting them round each other before securing them in place with bobby pins.

I wanted to keep it quite natural but very airbrushed and perfect. I wanted 'natural beauty' not 'natural - living in a forest without a mirror'. I used Benefit's 'POREfessional' all over my face as a primer before applying their 'Lemonaid' under my eyes, on my lids, around my nose and on any spots to counteract the redness. It then used Benefit 'Boi-ing' concealer (which I swear by for hiding all sins), and then their 'Oxygen Wow' liquid foundation which gives a light natural finish. I set it all with Rimmel's loose powder, concentrating on any areas which could end up shiny and where I had concealer. I contoured using 'Hoola' and then used the Bourjois 'Chocolate Bronzer' to add some warmth as I wasn't bothering with a blush. 

For my eyes I used a Front Cover palette. I used 'China Cup' (nude/beige) all over the lid before adding 'Sand Shell' (taupe) in the crease and then a tiny bit of 'Toffee' (mid brown). I blended all this together and swiped a touch of 'Sand Shell' along my lower lash line. I then added 'Icicle' (shimmery white) in the tear duct and as a highlight on the brown bone. I finished off by applying my ever faithful Maybelline gel eyeliner very close to the lash line with a slight small flick and then curling my lashes and applying Benefit 'They're Real' mascara on the top lashes and Model Co. 'Fibre LashXtend' on the bottom ones. There was reasoning behind this. I have used They're Real on my bottom lashes before but my lower lashes are very long and I find the formula just works too well and my lower lashes are constantly tapping my face and annoying me.

To finish off the look I added a swipe of gloss (Maybelline Coloursensational in Coral Blush) as what's the point in lipstick if you're eating food? I mean seriously?

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